Lump sum portfolio Investment Managment

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A re you looking for capital growth on your existing savings or are you ready to start drawing an income from your current wealth? Are you looking to control all or part of this yourself or leave it in the hands or the experts?

KNG International Advisors are proud to have terms of business partnerships with the largest and most prestigious award winning portfolio managers in this global industry.. With access to over 5,000 exclusive mutual funds and alternative investment funds worldwide KNG can help you tailor make your balanced global portfolio investment.

If you already have an existing investment fund portfolio, are you satisfied by its current performance? Do you receive the personal attention, investment monitoring and updates you deserve? If you want to hear a second opinion, contact us today for a complementary appraisal.

"Every family and individual has unique values, goals and priorities. Our mission is to develop a life-long partnership as your trusted advisor. We are here to serve as your counsel in managing the wealth you’ve worked so hard to achieve.”